Barbarian techniques or how not to be in carding business

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I am sure, many are aware of what should or should not be done when going into the carding business. And if anyone is not quite sure about the answer or most certainly unsure, it is better that they catch up as soon as possible, before even going to cvvonline or such.

First of all, one, after having taken the decision of going into the carding business, has to acquire full information about what could be dangerous practises, such as coming upon a ripper or other perils of the underground carding world, extending itself far beyond bigbase1pro.

Such perils may include the use of fairy unscrupulous techniques by some of the underground system players, who would want to profit even more from the unaware visitors of ccvv2dumps and other card info stores. They are usually called rippers, and they are similar to the pirates of the dark sea.

On the other hand, ona has also to take care of the merchandise he or she offers to the public, in case you are a beginning carder, so measures and precautions have to be taken, mostly technical, for the data to be fresh and dutifully stored, so that the buyers would want to come back to you. And it does not matter where, you can store it on at cbbasesru, for instance, or somewhere else, the rumours will follow anyway.

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