Carding and business

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Being into the carding business is not precisely what you would call a piece of cake. Ccfullzshop and other domains call for action and promise the bounty land, which is more far away than one can imagine.

For starters, a person interested in becoming a bidder at place which name can easily sound like this fullzcvvto, one has to overcome the first frontier that consists of all sorts of spyware and other virtual infestation means that would surely attack your computer once you decide to submerge into the dark waters of banking fraud market.

Of course, you might think that nothing comes easy in this life and some “real” money deserve some real sacrifice, but this statement is not just only outdated, but even more further from reality than any other urban legend about the dark net and its spin-offs, that still have unpredictably fancy names, for instance, franklinscc and so on.

Once in, you have to be careful not to be eaten up by bigger sharks or smaller, but instinctively aggressive and perverse fish awaiting to grab its bite at the expense of your naive innocence or sheer stupidity, because, fair to say, there are still some of those in this world, and not only on cvv2 websites, but everywhere, indeed.

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