Meerkats and the black money market

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What could be in common between meerkats and carding business, would you expectedly and reasonably cry out. Well, the truth is that apparently they have nothing in common, but yet, the most striking similarities, both can form “gangs”, which then can resurrect in shape of a cvvshop.

One can be sure, if we dig deeper we can find many more surprising similarities, but the one which will capture our attention today is the fact that this little rodents (that, firstly, and mistakenly were taken for monkeys) live in vast underground well organized tunnels, which run across extended territories without being noticed or, at least, partially unnoticed. Analogy perfectly adjustable to the way cvvshops are organized on the internet.

The important question here, is to find the hackseller, the one who runs these deeply engraved into the virtual world soil tunnels without being unnoticed, even without rising suspicion.

The whole system works due to the fact that, in the end, those who have being in the carding business long enough and helped to dig these elongated and time-proof channels of distribution called cvv-dumps-shop are a closely-knitted community of individuals whose number barely ascends to, in fact it is usually no more than 20 (just like the meerkats), who are very interested and apt in the survival of their species.

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