Never stop, neither complain

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It might sound funny and incongruent, but carding business does have a book of complaints, and may not be found on the 2rich4bitches web shop, but most likely on the serious carding forums, where people take their life venture and endeavour seriously, or at least seriously enough, in order to be consistent with their statement about their following some certain crook or dwindler alongside many websites.

Equally, people on any other working page, taking as an example ccshoponlineru, are involved in sober and meditative activity of making money on their own, and maybe occasionally with some temporary partners who might help them to withstand the most difficult situations (but mostly alone), which they would deem as no joke, nor whim.

That’s why communication among those who taking it seriously is essential, as long as there are no official ways of complaining and requesting for a refund or reimbursement in a pinshop , one should watch their back twice or even thrice (the more the better in this business) and take into account what other fellow partners have been through, not to complain, but to prevent themselves from stepping on the same rake in again.

The community should be able to support its members anywhere from a feshop-ccru to the end of the realm of carding influence.

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