Shadows of the digital world

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Lucrative activities are all over the internet, as in the free open platforms that sell all possible goods ever, as well as in the shadows of fraud supported places such as freshbase, or any other possible carding online shops.

The funniest, or maybe the dimmest part of it is that people are not usually aware of the dangerous place like 3xshopclub can pose on the trajectory which anybody’s personal data can follow once their card number has been intercepted, whether via ATM machine, or POS terminal. And, finally, of course, through online malware that infects the operational system of the payment webpage and snatched whatever data a user introduces in order to collect it for its further processing and selling on cvv-shopru.

Inadvertently for many internet users their data is being under attack and once collected is taken to websites such as freshstuff88 or similar, where carders can sell it for relatively low prices, specially if sold in bunch, but it also depends on the freshness and credit availability of the account tied to the card number.

All these operations do not have to be even approved by the actual owner of the card as long as he or she remains unaware of the seizure and money withdrawal.

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