Shallow catch against big catch

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In the carding business as well as in any other, mostly, there are big and small players, which mean you can be one of the former or the latter, depending not only on your wits and abilities, but also on how much of a risk you can take on and bare with relatively cold nerves on any of the carderbase shops.

Ii might be interesting for you if you started in the carding business by harvesting data from the in-store payment terminals or snatching the pin codes and card account numbers from ATM machines somewhere in the area or even a remote neighbourhood, aiming to successfully sell it somewhere on shiffedccshop or other online store.

So the first step is done, and the first risk is taken, but is it? Many newcomers tend to believe that data harvesting is maybe the most dangerous part of the carding business. It is surely, maybe, one of the most laborious ones, but not the most risky at all. So, simply selling data on zukkoshop does not bring as much benefit as initially expected.

The other tune might sound if one of the harvesters once decides to become a distributor, who are the BIG fish in the dark banking fraud waters, they are the key players and they DO risk more than the harvesters and they engage into more activity than other players, just because their key mission is to connect people and make them buy or sell.

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