The shift of preference in carding business

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Up until quite recently physical cards data was more popularvon sites like shopcvvorg, because physical credit cards were more popular than the CNP systems, which do not require physical cards in order to make the transactions.

Places, such as validcvvru, and other carding market platforms were infested with cvv or dumps aimed at physical cards numbers that after the purchase would be forged on a fake credit card and later used in a physical brick-and-mortar shop.

Together with the new trend of CNP operation system the fashion for physical card data has been decreasing, which can be checked at omerta website among others, and giving its way to the online operation data, including Amazon or PayPal account data, or just intercept the card number online while the unaware user introduces the card number during online shopping operation.

The way CNP data is collected is different, but the aim and the after harvesting stage procedure is quite similar, but all together it seems to be less laborious, that is why places like zukkoshop would prefer to sell this later rather than the physical card information, as it is much faster to obtain the data and even easier to use it directly after purchase.

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