The small fish and the giants

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Everywhere, even in the fraud business, there are fish and giants. Which, literally means, that small fish does not get a great share of profit. Basically, the question is who is standing behind t12shop curtains and pulling the strings?

Of course, there are so many questions to answer and so limited resources are in the hands of those who are posing them. The main dilemma might be who is the real god and who is just a giant in the surreptitious world of carding. Names such as kingscard or similar call to greatness and victory, and consequently to the smell of money. But, is it the case?

On the one hand, there are just simple inhabitants that want to feed in small amounts day by day, just enough to get a share big enough to sustain their not extremely high ambitions, so they go to jshop-pro and trade, as much as they can and try not stick out their fragile necks.

On the other, and it is much more difficult to see and appreciate, especially from a considerable distance of superficial waters, stay those who make this waters turbulent, first of all, because they can. Places such as an octavian, do not run themselves, do not stand there emerged attracting visitors just by the shaken movement of a magic wand, they surely lay on the shoulders of mostly unseen giants.

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