The triumph of the underworld

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Recently, it is to say over the last ten years, the amount of cyber crime has increased exponentially due to the facilities and opportunities online banking transactions offer not only to the lay people, but also to the cyber criminals awaiting in the dark corners of websites with strange, and at the beginning ununderstandable names such as dump-shopeu, but not for those who are in business.

The statistics are easy to follow annually banks lose millions to the criminal world through basically petty thefts that do not suppose a significant loss, if taken from a short distance, just a couple of dollars or low amount not higher than a dinner that end up being purchased or sold in bulks on skizdumsshop and other carding websites.

But if taken in a total amount these minimal amounts extraviated from the mainstream of online money, and withdrawn illegally from the ATM machines with the aid of forged credit cards that have been fabricated after purchasing their serial number somewhere on stardumps24 sum up an incredibly juicy amount of money.

Ths facts can be interpreted both ways, first of all, that interest in banking fraud is being justified as it provides real income to those who decide to follow this path, and, secondly, that banking system has not yet been able to put end to places with more and more hilarious names such as trump-dumps, which continue offering legit material.

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