The inners of the underground Internet markets

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As in any privileged stores even the carding business sites, for example dumpsto, have its diligent classification of carders and other banking fraud arena players, which is infested with people, who try to make the most of a series of apparently unconnected numbers.

This way, the first step to the world of “easy”, which in reality does not happen to be so, the online living market is through “harvesting”. Harvesters are the first and foremost step into the shady and not as easy to “bring the beans home” business. They usually can be found lagging on pages as unicc-bazarcm, or other websites that provide storage and selling options to their effortless obtained data.
On the other hand, and surprisingly for anyone who is not so familiar with the online carding stores business, are the distributors, the bigfat bidders. These are the real kings of the “groove”. Why? Because the one who decides where the info goes and distributes it for a certain amount of money, at his or her disposal, has the real power or the secret key, so to say, to the realm of stolen bank account money.

So, as a consequence of this initial stratification, one has to row the boat as fast and laboriously, so the can get over or, better to say deeper, the surface of such sites as ferum-shop and get to the next level of professionalism, which is not the last, by the way.

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