Different states of banking fraud

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As anyone can suspect going into the banking fraud business can bring risk and other sorts of exposure about those who venture to try it out.

Firstly, and most importantly anyone who visits such sites as meccadumps and all of its kind, should know that they can play one of four major roles in the field of carding. For example, on the first step at any entrance into this shady country of promised bounty is the field work, or better said harvesting of banking data that will be later sold on sites such as jshop-pro for little or a bit more than a necessary minimum amount.

Later on, through laborious and hard daily work a carder can get the post of a “distributor”, who, actually make the most of money, if they can manage the string of the puppet theatre dutifully. These people are in charge of passing on the stolen banking information to those who will package or repackage it for the purpose of selling it on sites as carderspro and so on.

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